Important notice in regards to subscription

Please read the following important information before placing your subscription order. Please place your order after you have thoroughly read and understood. 

【Customers in Canada】
Shipping Cost to Canada 

The shipping fee for subscriptions in Canada is $19.80. There is an additional charge of $5.95 for each magazine purchased which will be considered as shipping handling charge. This additional charge will not be added during payment. After placing order, we will send an e-mail and charge additional cost only in the case when customers agree to pay the additional cost. Subscription process will then initiate. 
【Customers in Mexico】
Shipping Cost to Mexico
Subscriptions will be available upon ordering 5 or more magazines. Also, shipments will be sent out altogether once a month. Fore more information, please contact customer support.

【In regards to subscription order】
Subscription term and amount
Magazine subscription is a one time payment of either one year or six month subscription. However, quarterly magazines are one year subscription. The number of magazines to be shipped are the following:
Weekly Magazines 1 year 50 magazines
6 months 25 magazines
Biweekly Magazines 1 year 24 magazines
6 months 12 magazines
Monthly Magazines 1 year 12 magazines
6 months  6 magazines
Bimonthly Magazines 1 year  6 magazines
6 months  3 magazines
How to start your subscription
Choose "Subscription Term", click on "Subscription Order" and place magazine order. Subscription will begin within 3-5 weeks.
Furthermore, customers are not allowed to cancel subscription after placing an order. If customers cancel during subscription, the following issue's shipment will be cancelled, however, there are no refunds.
Starting Issue
Subscription will start from the issue after 3 weeks the order has been placed instead of starting from the current magazine that's on sale. For this reason, if the number of days from order date and the next issue date is less than 3 weeks, there are possibilities that subscription may start from the next next issue.

Once subscription starts, the next issue will be delivered approximately within 1 week to 10 days from release date in Japan.
(There may be changes due to shipping status in America)
Subscription Termination & Extension

Subscription will automatically terminate once it reaches subscription term. 

For customers who request subscription extension, please re-order one month before the subscription ends. Subscription will thenbe extended.
Furthermore, for customers who want to extend subscriptions, please use the same account that has been used for the first subscription. If customers place order with new or different account, there is a possibility where subscription may not continue smoothly, and there may be same issues being sent or loss of an issue.