* 雑誌FAQ *


Q: What is a magazine code?
A: Magazine code is indicated on most magazines. Same as ISBN #, magazine code is indicated on the back of the magazine (ex: 12345-10/31). Only the first 5 digits are needed when placing an order. For further questions, please e-mail us at 

Q: I want to start my subscription but how do I do that? 
A: For magazine subscription, please search for any magazines on magazine section at Customers are also able to search through quick search. Subscription does not start from the current magazine on sale. It will start from the magazine that's on sale after 2~3 weeks after your first order. For this reason, if the number of days between the order date and the next issue's sale date is less than 3 weeks, the starting issue will be after two issues later. Generally, the first issue will be shipped within 3~5 weeks. It would be greatly appreciated if we receive order 3 weeks before the magazine release date. For information regarding release date, please contact us on 

Q: How can I purchase the current issue that's on sale at the bookstore? 
A: We sincerely apologize, but customers are not able to order the current issue. 

Q: Am I able to order the back number? 
A: We currently do not provide back number order.